Weather34 services.txt Generator

This form is designed to create the required services.txt file for the WeeWX Weather34 skin installation. Fill out the form below with the requested information. Each one of the optional inputs has a Yes/No radio button. The default is No and the text input field is disabled. You may leave them empty if you do not have that service/information. If you want more information, there is a link you can visit for each one of them in the description. If you have a API key or an ID for one of those services, click on the Yes button and enter the required information. Each of the inputs also have more information available if you hover over the ?.
Once you've completed the form click the download button. This will automatically send you the file called settings.txt which you can save to your default download (or any) folder. Once the download is complete, copy the file to the directory that you unzipped or cloned the Weather34 files to. Once this is complete, you are ready to do the base installation of the Weather34 Skin.

Notice: When you first enter this page, you will see a popup question on the left hand side of the webpage, near the menu button, asking of this website can access your location. Don't panic!! We're not tracking you. The map to the right uses a feature that, if you allow this page to do so, will scroll to your approximate location on the map and then you are able to better refine your latitude and longitude by scrolling and clicking to auto fill the text boxes below. If you choose to not allow that, you can still drag and scroll to your location and then click to do the same thing.
No data is retained on this server after the process is complete.

Weather Station Location, Language and IP Address Section

Weather Service API Key Entry Section

Do you have a AQI Key? 
If you do not have any AQI Key, you can learn more at AQI API Info

Do you have a DarkSky API Key? 
Note: Only for existing DarkSky API Key holders, DarkSky is no longer accepting new API account requests.

Do you have a Weather Underground Key?  (Details can be found here.)

Do you have a CheckWX Key for METAR data?  (Details can be found here.)

Do you have a PurpleAir ID?  (Details can be found here.)

If you live in Europe, do you want to include the European Meteoalarm Alerts? (This is for European users only, it does not work for any other Countries/Continent)

Enable MetOffice Severe Weather Warnings (UK Users Only)? (This is for UK users only, it does not work for any other Countries/Continents)

Do you want to enable Cloud Cover display? 

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